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Since our establishment in 2001, TSG U.S.A., Inc. has been a trustworthy partner in design innovation for major electronics manufacturers. We work closely with our clients from the conceptualization stage through the design and verification process. Our mission is to help bring our clients' innovative ideas to life by offering our expertise.

Automotive Grade

Since the establishment of our company, we have primarily served suppliers of automotive electronics. These electronics are subject to numerous challenges, such as environmental variations and vibrations that occur during prolonged warranty periods, which can last up to 10 years. Our team has developed expertise in designing products that not only withstand these harsh conditions but also reliably perform intended functions over time.

Cost-effective Design

Automakers face intense competition based on price, quality, and features. To remain competitive and profitable, they must find ways to minimize costs. Our team specializes in striking the right balance between these competing demands and effectively reducing costs to help our clients maintain their competitiveness.

Accuracy of Analysis

While our electronic equipment is designed to perform as intended when tested individually, it may not function properly when integrated with other devices in a system. That’s why our team specializes in analyzing communication between electronic devices and identifying and correcting any faults that may arise, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.


System Evaluation

Quality evaluation should be performed at same perspectives of designers.

Area of Speciality

  • System Evaluation:Bench Test, In-vehicle Test
  • System Analysis:System Communication, CANoe, GPS Logging
  • Field Research:Phone Signal Reception Research, Radio Signal Reception Research


  • Test Preparation:Test bench building, Retrofitting, Test vehicle building, wire harness modification, Designing auxiliary tools for testing
  • Test Design:Designing test procedures based on specification.
  • Analysis:Report authoring, Proposals for countermeasures.
  • System Testing:In-Vehicle Infotainment including RF reception test for GPS, cellular phone satellite AM/FM Radio

Validation Test Equipment

Equipment list:
  • - 3 Axis Complex Environment Chamber
  • - Thermal Shock Chamber
  • - Surge Tester
  • - Thermostatic Chambers
  • - Environment Chamber (Work Operation Type)
  • - Operation Durability Tester
  • - Noise Simulator
  • - Power Fluctuation Tester
  • - 3m x 3m RF Shielded Chamber
  • - BCI Test Equipment
  • - Temperature Rise Testing Equipment
  • - Electrostatic Pulse Tester

TSG U.S.A., Inc. acts as a bridge between North American clients and the validation test facility located at our parent company in Japan. Leveraging the state-of-the-art validation test equipment available to us, we offer comprehensive validation testing services to ensure that our clients receive accurate and reliable results.

Electrical Design

Our Electrical Design Team excels in circuit design tailored to your needs.

Area of Speciality

Audio, Video Analog I/O, Digital I/O, Power Supply
MCU, SoC, eMMC, DDR, and other circuits associated with embedded systems

PCB Design Capability

Multilayer impedance controlled PCB design
CAD: Altium Designer
Prototype PCB build by partnering with domestic and overseas PCB fabricators
PCB assembly by partnering with domestic and overseas EMS
PCB rework with fine-tip soldering irons, hot air blowers and magnifying scopes
Small reflow oven for in-house prototype PCB assembly

Mechanical Design

Our Mechanical Design Engineers hold the precise technical skills and years of experience demanded by chassis and console design.

Area of Speciality

Car Audio, AV Navigation, Heads-up Display, Movable Mechanism, Rear view camera

Design Capability

DESIGN - Mold, Press, Rubber, Movable Mechanism, Illumination and 2D & 3D CAD operation by CATIA VS or NX

ANALYSIS - Strength, Model and Heat transfer by ANSYS


Electric Power Meter Redesign

Customer Introduction

The client was a leading manufacturer of industrial automation and test-and-measurement solutions.

Problem / Goal

The client’s industrial power meter series was designed in 1990s based on their proprietary ASIC chip. However, their organizational decision led to an end of life of the ASIC. Our mission was to redesign the meter’s electrical circuit without altering its form factors or the user interface.


Our engineers took advantage of how today’s general purpose MCUs can outperform the ASIC of the 90’s in every respect and redesigned the circuit with an ARM Cortex based MCU, as well as the software that runs on the MCU.

Result & Benefits

Since our engineers were able to redesign the circuit with only widely available electronic components, they were able to secure a lowered BOM cost. Now that all of the functions of the meter are defined by software, instead of the hard wired logic of the ASIC, the product has gained upgradability.


HVAC System Communication Hub Design

Customer Introduction

The client, a leading HVAC manufacturer from Japan, established a design team in Atlanta to develop products for the North American market.

Problem / Goal

They faced a shortage of engineers and were hesitant to outsource to non-Japanese speaking companies. TSG USA was engaged to design a PCB and enclosure for a communication hub prototype.


Our experienced design engineers created a functional circuit from provided snippets and designed PCB and enclosure utilizing Altium Designer and CATIA. Drawing on our extensive US engineering service experience, we selected optimal vendors for components, PCB fabrication, sheet metal fabrication, and PCB assembly.

Result & Benefits

Thoroughly inspected prototypes were delivered to the client, enabling them to proceed to the next project stage. The client praised our quick turnaround and attention to detail, expressing satisfaction with the immediate functionality of the prototypes.


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